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Thursday, 19 May 2016

forgot about my blog(:

I thought i create this blog in 2013. Actually this blog just for my assignment in my last semester in Melaka. Ustaz Suhaimi told us to do a blog as an assignment about tragedy in Lahad Datu, so we dont have to submit our task in hardcopy.(:

And of coz my first entry is about Lahad Datu tragedy(al fatihah to all our fallen heroes in tragedy). I have my own reasons too why i  should write this topic.

kenapa tiba-tiba nak buka blog balik?

Actually last night i just cant slept and i read Raja Sarina's blog. for the first time baca Raja Sarina's blog and terus fall in love sebab her blog memang menginspirasikan. Raja Sarina banyak kongsi perkara-perkara positif,quotes and the best part when she shared about her moments with her late cousin's, Almarhum Tunku Abdul Jalil(al-fatihah).

Today i write this blog as my diary but not a private diary. I just write anything randomly or my opinion in any issues. And i want to share a lil bit some quotes or anything positive because i love to read anything positive source and maybe i will share my moments or something else.

*sorry for my broken language(:


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