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Thursday, 19 May 2016

my jouney after spm

I was a Spm's candidate class 2009 in Kedah Islamic High School also known as SMKAK,located in Alor Setar, Kedah. After struggled for my spm, I went to Malacca Islamic College Uni(KUIM) in Melaka.
I did my diploma in Syariah Islamiyyah for 3 years(alhamdulillah).

I thought kuim is the best place ever because i feel more relax studied there. I stayed in hostel and i thought stayed in hostel is more easier than became outsider. Actually that is not a hostel because it just look like a house. we have 3 bedrooms,1 bathroom and toilet,small kitchen and a small living room. It quit comfort for 8 members. My first year i have 6 seniors, kak Qima, kak Mas, kak Ameng, kak Kina, kak Pika, kak Sue and my classmate Qiba. unfortunately i dont have many pictures with them.

And in class i have almost 20+ girls with 6 boys. we close with each other and sometimes we also have misunderstood but it dont take long time. We through thin and thick together. But now, we already have our own life. Some of us already work, syida,syud and i went to Jordan after finished our diploma while qiba,kina,sai,kak farah, syima,fazirul and fakhruddin went to Indonesia for having a degree.

After my senior finished their study,another members joined  us to replace my senior. Mun,Lin,Limah,Diah,Nida and Mira. Mun, Lin, Limah and Diah younger than me while Nida and Mira same age with me.  

We also close each other like siblings from other parents.haha..We always made crazy things together,they became my partner in crime and broke some rules together,haha 

this picture was taken while my juniors made some farewell before i fly to Jordan.


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